Are you hoping to make it to the National Spelling Bee? Get this comprehensive guide that will give you the tools you need to succeed! Geared toward the serious speller, it is guaranteed to improve your understanding of etymology.
Received in a May 31 e-mail from Pranav Sivakumar, the NSB runner-up in 2013
"Thank you very much for writing your book. It proved invaluable in my studying for the National Spelling Bee, where I finished as the runner-up yesterday. Your run at the National Spelling Bee and your book have been inspirational." [emphasis mine]
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Keys to Success in the Scripps National Spelling Bee
  • Over 12,000 bee words
  • Tables and observations of over 50 languages
  • Trouble spots like 
  "-ible   vs -able " and
  "-ant   vs -ent "
  • Over 100 focused exercises
  • Many practice spelling tests and bees
  • What questions to ask and other advice about bees
  • Advice to coaches & parents
  • Thoughts of prior champions
  • What was it like at the National Spelling Bee?
Words of Wisdom had an 83% success rate in the 2012 finals, climbing to 87% in the last four rounds. Words of Wisdom had an 81.25% success rate in the 2013 finals.


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Anamika used Words of Wisdom, and I tutored her. See Guest Book Entries, 2/19/10, for Anamika's opinion of this book!
E-mail me if you are interested in being tutored. I am now also offering diagnostic sessions (one-hour sessions where I evaluate the areas your speller needs to work on). 

Congratulations to Cole Shafer-Ray, 2015 tutee,  3rd place; Sreeniketh Vogati, 2016 tutee, 7th place, at the NSB!

Important: For people who bought the book before March 21, there is a typo on p. 35: mellivorous should have two l's.