Scott Remer is a highly experienced spelling bee coach with ten years of experience tutoring. He takes on elite spellers for regular one-on-one and group coaching. He also offers one-time diagnostic tests and more ad hoc tutoring arrangements, and he is planning on releasing a series of audio modules for purchase, to be released by November 2019.

Words of Wisdom: Keys to Success in the Scripps National Spelling Bee was the first spelling bee resource to be written by a recent competitor.

Published in February 2010, it is now in its fifth edition and is updated as the Bee evolves. It has a wealth of preparatory material, including over 12,000 bee words, tables and observations of over 50 languages, in-depth coverage of trouble spots like -ible/-able and -ant/-ent, over 100 focused exercises, many practice spelling tests and bees, an outline of what questions to ask onstage and other advice about bees, advice to coaches and parents, the thoughts of prior champions, a detailed discussion of what it’s like at the National Spelling Bee, and an extensive vocabulary section.