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Here are comments from just a few of the prominent spellers who have found Words of Wisdom and/or my tutoring helpful in their quest for spelling bee success:
Anamika Veeramani, the 2010 NSB champion and one of my tutees, wrote on February 19, 2010: “This is the absolute best book EVER in the history of spelling prep books!!!!! BUY THIS BOOK!” Later on, after using just the first draft, she said: “…I would say, ‘If you want to make it to the finals of the spelling bee, you should definitely buy and study this book'” and declared “I…unreservedly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about the National Spelling Bee and/or has a passion for languages!”

Sukanya Roy, the 2011 NSB champion, called Words of Wisdom “tremendously helpful” and said that “it covers the entire spectrum of languages” and “provided a great foundation for me to venture into the depths of the dictionary – there were literally thousands of words that I knew from reading it…which I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

Pranav Sivakumar, the 2013 NSB runner-up, emailed me and wrote:
“Thank you very much for writing your book. It proved invaluable in my studying for the National Spelling Bee, where I finished as the runner-up yesterday. Your run at the National Spelling Bee and your book have been inspirational.” [emphasis mine]

Nihar Janga, one of the 2016 NSB champions, said in an interview that “Scott Remer’s Words of Wisdom is a must book for anyone preparing for [the] National Spelling Bee.”

Rohan Rajeev, the 2017 NSB runner-up and one of my tutees, wrote me and said: “I just wanted to tell you thanks for tutoring me in my journey to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. It helped me immensely in both the spelling and vocab aspects of the bee. In addition, I was mentally prepared for what the bee had in store, such as the stage, lights, cameras, etc. It was a pleasure meeting you and studying under your guidance.”

Mira Dedhia, the 3rd place finisher in the 2017 NSB, wrote me: "My goal ever since I was eliminated last year was to come back and make it to the top ten and be in the finals on ESPN on Thursday evening...The reason I wanted to write to you was to thank you. Your book Words of Wisdom was so essential and invaluable in my learning....Your book was so comprehensive and dense. It was definitely hard to tackle it, but once I had learned the majority of the contents, I felt well prepared for the bee. I would say about 60-80% of the words asked in the finals were from your book, including words I received like beisa, Aubusson, spiegeleisen, and euphroe. I wouldn’t have been able to spell many of these words without the help of your book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the spelling bee community. It helped me accomplish my goals, and I have no doubt that it will continue to do the same for future spellers. Thank you, Mira”